I refer to the different variations of Badger, the difference being the different programming languages it is written in, as editions and each editions patched form as versions.

I don't know how most programmers assign version numbers, but I have developed my own way of assigning versions.

How versions are determined for Badger:
0.0.1 is added for bug fixes and minor tweaks.
0.1.0 is added each time a utility is added.
1.0.0 is added each time 10 utilities are added or for major overhauls.

I don't release an edition of Badger until it has reached version 0.5, so until it has 5 utilities. I try and make sure all the versions of Badger are in working order before I release them however, I'm not infallible and there most likely will be issues. Please report all bugs via email to cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail.com. I'll do my best to address the issue as soon as possible.

Keep on rocking,

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