New Members!

We have three new members to the Badger project: Vania S., Anton, and Chris B.! Vania and Anton will be helping me with development and Chris will be our Unix administration consultant. I welcome anyone who want's to join to email me at cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail,com. We'll take all the help we can get, and I'm willing to teach! So anyone of any skill level is welcome!

We're doing a revamp of Badger for Bash and making the code more readable and efficient by making better use of functions.  I've released Badger for Bash 0.8. It's half way revamped and I've added a mass unzip utility. This is the first of our mass utilities, but it is very crude. You must put the files you wish to unzip into one folder before using the unzip feature. This will be reworked in later versions.

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Show Tracker 3 Review

Show Tracker 3 is a useful and tidy application used to keep track of TV show episodes you've watched. You search for a show through the internet database thetvdb.com and add it to your list of shows. You then click the show to see a list of seasons and a little informational tidbit on the show, and then click a season to see a list of episodes. From the list of episodes you can then check off the episodes you've watched.

This is a handy tool for keeping track of where you are in shows especially if you don't get back to a show right away you can see what episode you left off at. This program is still in it's baby steps but it is stable. I ran into one bug where my show didn't stay on the list of shows after I exited but other than that is runs perfectly well.

 A help tab would be nice as although the program is mostly self explanatory it's a little intimidating to get used to at first. I recommend this program to anyone who watches a lot of TV shows and wants to keep better track of their shows. I know that other features will be added later as the program grows. Overall a good program with an easy to use interface.

Pros: Simple and easy to use interface; it does its job well.

Cons: Still a new program so it doesn't have too many features.

You can find the download for the program here.

Test it out for yourself!



I refer to the different variations of Badger, the difference being the different programming languages it is written in, as editions and each editions patched form as versions.

I don't know how most programmers assign version numbers, but I have developed my own way of assigning versions.

How versions are determined for Badger:
0.0.1 is added for bug fixes and minor tweaks.
0.1.0 is added each time a utility is added.
1.0.0 is added each time 10 utilities are added or for major overhauls.

I don't release an edition of Badger until it has reached version 0.5, so until it has 5 utilities. I try and make sure all the versions of Badger are in working order before I release them however, I'm not infallible and there most likely will be issues. Please report all bugs via email to cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail.com. I'll do my best to address the issue as soon as possible.

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Badger for Bash 0.6 Release

This version contains the Remover, a very basic and inefficient utility that allows you to remove files and directories. I plan to improve upon this by making it a mass remover but for now it only does one file/directory at a time. I am gathering others to work on my project and beginning to help others on their projects. If anyone wants to help or wants help with their projects just email me at cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail.com.

Also if anyone knows more about system administrator work I'm all ears as I've realized through making this program that I don't know jack about system administration. I also realize I need more of a focus so that I can make quality utilities then work my way up to a quality program. I'm going to get Badger for Bash up to 1.0 here soon but I'm having trouble thinking of utilities to put into the program. I'll start Python Badger here soon as I may have some help with it coming my way.

I'm beginning to help with a program written in Python and as soon as I test it I'll post a link and a review. I also have a friend who's making a 3D game in C++. As soon as he posts it for download I'll put up a link to his site and a review of his game.

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Softpedia 100% Adware/Spyware/Virus Free Award

I just recently received an email that I got an award! Woohoo! It's just a seal of approval saying my software isn't malware, spyware, or adware, but hey it's nice to have. I suppose I should give an acceptance speech! I can hear you all cheering now. Speech! Speech! Speech!

I accept this award with the highest of gratitude! I'd like to thank my mother, god, and the IRS for all they've done for me... oh wait that's my blacklist... well anyway I proudly accept this award and would like to thank Softpedia for even checking out my little software that currently does nothing in particular and I will remember them when I become a super-powerful all-knowing programmer who can write in every programming language known to man! And maybe aliens too.

But in all seriousness I do want to thank Softpedia for even giving a passing glance to my little project. The fact that they want to host a small insignificant programmer's first work wins them a place in my heart. I'll remember them when Badger becomes more useful and I am happy to let them host Badger for download on their site. I'll even give them some traffic by linking to them in my blog. Click here for their site's Badger download. I can assure you it's in good taste as they haven't asked me to join them and they're listing Badger as it rightfully should be without cost to the user.

Here's the pretty download button:

If you want to know more about their seal of approval here it is:

BashBadger 0.6 - SOFTPEDIA "100% FREE" AWARD

This product was last tested in the Softpedia Labs on 03 May 2011 by Alexandru Tanase

Softpedia guarantees that BashBadger 0.6 is 100% Free, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean; therefore, it can be installed with no concern by any computer user. However, it should be noted that this product will be retested periodically and the award may be withdrawn, so you should check back occasionally and pay attention to the date of testing shown above.

If you want to see the official guarantee and not my copy/paste version it can be seen here.

They only list Bash Badger for Mac but I can assure you it's also for Linux.

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