Badger for Bash 0.6 Release

This version contains the Remover, a very basic and inefficient utility that allows you to remove files and directories. I plan to improve upon this by making it a mass remover but for now it only does one file/directory at a time. I am gathering others to work on my project and beginning to help others on their projects. If anyone wants to help or wants help with their projects just email me at cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail.com.

Also if anyone knows more about system administrator work I'm all ears as I've realized through making this program that I don't know jack about system administration. I also realize I need more of a focus so that I can make quality utilities then work my way up to a quality program. I'm going to get Badger for Bash up to 1.0 here soon but I'm having trouble thinking of utilities to put into the program. I'll start Python Badger here soon as I may have some help with it coming my way.

I'm beginning to help with a program written in Python and as soon as I test it I'll post a link and a review. I also have a friend who's making a 3D game in C++. As soon as he posts it for download I'll put up a link to his site and a review of his game.

Keep on rocking,

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