Show Tracker 3 Review

Show Tracker 3 is a useful and tidy application used to keep track of TV show episodes you've watched. You search for a show through the internet database thetvdb.com and add it to your list of shows. You then click the show to see a list of seasons and a little informational tidbit on the show, and then click a season to see a list of episodes. From the list of episodes you can then check off the episodes you've watched.

This is a handy tool for keeping track of where you are in shows especially if you don't get back to a show right away you can see what episode you left off at. This program is still in it's baby steps but it is stable. I ran into one bug where my show didn't stay on the list of shows after I exited but other than that is runs perfectly well.

 A help tab would be nice as although the program is mostly self explanatory it's a little intimidating to get used to at first. I recommend this program to anyone who watches a lot of TV shows and wants to keep better track of their shows. I know that other features will be added later as the program grows. Overall a good program with an easy to use interface.

Pros: Simple and easy to use interface; it does its job well.

Cons: Still a new program so it doesn't have too many features.

You can find the download for the program here.

Test it out for yourself!

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