New Members!

We have three new members to the Badger project: Vania S., Anton, and Chris B.! Vania and Anton will be helping me with development and Chris will be our Unix administration consultant. I welcome anyone who want's to join to email me at cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail,com. We'll take all the help we can get, and I'm willing to teach! So anyone of any skill level is welcome!

We're doing a revamp of Badger for Bash and making the code more readable and efficient by making better use of functions.  I've released Badger for Bash 0.8. It's half way revamped and I've added a mass unzip utility. This is the first of our mass utilities, but it is very crude. You must put the files you wish to unzip into one folder before using the unzip feature. This will be reworked in later versions.

Keep on rocking,

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