Badger for Bash 0.5 Release

Badger for Bash 0.5 Beta has been released! You can download it here. Please send me your thoughts and bug reports via email at cyberpunkpcrepair@gmail.com. It isn't fully made but it should be functional; if you find any errors please report them to me. I list instructions on how to get it running in the README file but I'll also list them here.

To use Badger for Bash you must first change its permissions to an executable file. This can be done through the GUI or the terminal. 
GUI Instructions: Right click the BashBadger0.5.sh file and click properties. Then click the permissions tab and you should find a check box that says "Allow executing file as a program" click this box so it is checked and you are good to go. 
Terminal Instructions: Open a terminal and type the following at the command prompt:
chmod +x 'path/to/BashBadger.sh'
replacing /path/to with the path to the BashBadger.sh file then you are good to go.

This should make Badger for Bash an executable file that will allow you to run it in the terminal. You can run it by clicking on the file of by typing the name of the file into the terminal command prompt.

Now your up and running. This version of Badger for Bash is just a beta so it is meant for testing not for actual use. Badger currently has 5 utilities and I hope to add more utilities to Badger as I go. The 1.0 version will have 10 utilities. I will add utilities and update Badger as I go. I will add a 0.0.1 to the version for bug fixes and a 0.1 when I add a utility. I will add 1 to the version when I have added 10 utilities or make a complete and major overhaul to how Badger works.

Please check out Badger!

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